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Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Directed by Callie Meiners

Performed October 2013 at The People's Center in Minneapolis, MN


A contemporary comedy that moves at the speed of lightning, BASED ON A TOTALLY TRUE STORY chronicles the hilarious, bittersweet misadventures of twenty-something New Yorker Ethan Keene. A semi-successful comic book writer by day (he writes The Flash for DC Comics) and struggling playwright by night, Ethan’s world is turned upside down when a veteran Hollywood producer decides she wants to turn one of Ethan’s unproduced plays into a big-budget horror movie — possibly starring Nicole Kidman. With that tasty carrot clouding his vision, Ethan struggles to be a loving, supportive, giving partner to his boyfriend, Michael Sullivan, a Village Voice reporter and budding novelist. On top of which Ethan’s lovable dad announces that he’s leaving Ethan’s mom for a married woman — and can he please stay with Ethan and Michael until he finds a new place to live? Hearts are broken, lessons learned, and dreams deferred in this quirky, offbeat romantic comedy of manners.



Joe Bombard, Patrick Kozicky, Marty Moreno, Joe Wiener, Amy Schweickhardt