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TC Daily Planet

“The script makes me laugh, but it’s the performances that make me care. Director Callie Meiners gets some amazing character work out of this ensemble. When Kozicky and Bombard as Ethan and Michael argue, it feels real. Their emotional distress looks as if it’s physically hurting them. The rawness and honesty that’s binding them together and tearing them apart often seems so real that I almost feel like I shouldn’t be watching, that it's something too private for an audience to be gawking at. These two actors have shared a stage many times before and that history between them allows them to create something visceral and real between their characters. I’ve got to recommend Based On A Totally True Story. The combination of clever writing, good direction and solid performances make it an enjoyable evening from a company I’m looking forward to seeing more of.”

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Lavender Magazine

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Reviews / Press for Next Fall

"Kozicky’s direction finds sharp timing in every scene so that the production’s two hours and 15 minutes flies by. But his actors always keep the emotion organic and real. This is especially notable in a play that also contains hard hitting thoughts about religion, homophobia, and heterosexual privilege. Yet it unfolds as a beautifully human play rather than a political statement." - John Townsend (Lavender Magazine)  Full Review Here

"Artistic Director (also Director) Patrick Kozicky has assembled a strong team of performers here and he guides them well."  -Matthew A. Everett (TC Daily Planet)